Air conditioners

From our Rules:

2.4.6. Air conditioning 0435476_1

(a) A ventilation or air conditioning or air cooling device may be installed in any unit subject to it being installed in the opening provided for that purpose. Water cooled units are not permitted by City of Ottawa regulations.

(b) No owner shall permit any such device to leak condensation or to make any noise which may unreasonably disturb or interfere with the rights, comfort or the conveniences of any other occupant of the building.  If any such device shall become rusty or discolored the owner shall have it painted in a good and workman-like manner in the standard colors selected by the corporation for the building.  If the owner fails to keep any such device in good order and repair and properly painted, the corporation in its discretion may remove such device, charging the cost of removal to the owner and the device shall not be replaced until it has been put in proper condition and only with the further written consent of the corporation.

1.8 Heating

D)           Air conditioning equipment must be covered with an insulated plywood box or equivalent protection against cold temperatures during the winter.


More detail on how to prepare your AC for the cold months.