From our Rules:

1.4.  Pets

Any owner who keeps a pet on the property or any part thereof shall not create a nuisance in relation to the other unit owners and shall not disturb the enjoyment of the common elements.  Any pet on the property or any part thereof shall at all times be under control of its owner.  Owners shall observe all City of Ottawa by-laws concerning pets i.e. licensing, shots and number of pets.  Pets are not permitted to use the balconies, hallways as runs or to urinate/defecate on common areas.  No pet that is deemed by the Board, in its absolute discretion, to be a nuisance shall be kept by any owner.  Any owner who keeps a pet shall within two weeks of receipt of a written notice from the Board or the Manager requesting the removal of such pet, permanently remove the pet from the property.

 More, not in the Rules

Dog owners are encouraged to bring dogs on their leashes through the side door, facing the parking garage.

There is an enclosed dog run next to the garage where dogs may play off-leash.