Parking and garage

From our Rules:

2.3.  Parking and your vehicle

2.3.1.  General statements

Parking is provided for and restricted to owners and their guests.  Motor vehicles shall be parked only on those parts of the common elements identified explicitly as parking spaces.  Motor vehicles shall not be driven on any part of the common elements other than on a driveway or a parking space.  Upon reasonable notice, the Management Office may require any parking space to be vacated for necessary repairs and/or maintenance. Any vehicle placed on the property in contravention of these rules may be ticketed and/or towed at owners risk and expense.

2.3.2.  Parking for residents

Owners shall park their vehicles in their own private designated parking spaces.  The following may be parked in such spaces:- private passenger automobiles, station wagons, one-half ton pick-up trucks with uncovered rear end and sills not exceeding four feet in height and motorcycles.  A protective pad, shall be placed beneath the kick stand of all motorcycles when parked in the garage.

The make, model and license number of the vehicle shall be submitted to the Management Office.

Trailers, boats, snowmobiles and mechanical toboggans are not permitted to be parked in the garage.

(a) Residents are permitted to use the areas designated as “guests only” [facing the main entrance] during week-days for a maximum of 15 minutes between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. On week-ends and holidays such use is not permitted.

(b) Parking decals, which may be obtained from the Management Office shall be displayed on every vehicle parked in the garages. These decals shall be displayed on the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver’s side.

(c)    Remote – can be purchased in the Management office. [Or you may use a fob]

(d)   Designated parking spaces are not to be used for storage or any purpose other than parking of motor vehicles.  eg. tires, signs, containers.  Items stored in parking spaces will be removed and tagged and placed in safe keeping for a period of 4 weeks.  If not picked up by owner, the items will be discarded.

2.3.3.  Leasing of private designated parking space

(a) Any owner leasing or granting permission to another person to use his parking space must report such arrangement to the Management Office and provide the name of the user, make and model of the vehicle and license number.

(b) Only residents of the building are permitted to use the parking space in the underground garage, if the owner is not using the authorized spot, a visitor, authorized by the owner, may, (with approval of the Board) on a short term basis be allowed  the use of said spot.

(c )  Owners/residents are not permitted to rent their spot to non-residents

2.3.4.  Parking for guests of residents

Guests are permitted to park in the designated visitor parking area [facing the main entrance] overnight and shall register their cars including license number and number of the unit visited, for the day(s) their vehicle is in the Visitor Parking area overnight.  No guest shall use Visitor areas for more than a total of ten (5) days each month without the prior consent of the Board.

2.3.5.  Playing in the garage

No games of any kind shall be played in the garage

2.3.6.  Speed limits in the garage

Users of the underground parking shall obey the speed limits posted from time to time by the Board of Directors.

2.3.7.   Yield to incoming vehicles

Drivers in the parking garage shall yield to all vehicles entering the garage.

2.3.8.  Repairs to vehicles

No repairs, other than topping up windshield washer fluid, checking oil etc., shall be carried out on vehicles on the common elements.

Car Wash
Located on P2 for the use of residents. Bring your own cleaning supplies and please remember to turn off the faucets to relieve pressure on the water system.