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This website is produced by and for residents of Frobisher Place. This is not an official website of CCC #82. If you have comments, complaints or have noticed inaccuracies on any of these pages or posts please contact me.

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The environment and climate change

Info will follow

A guide for condo owners

This guide discusses important changes to the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”) came into effect on November 1, 2017 and many more changes are coming in the near future.

Access to Condominium Records Changes November 1, 2017

Ontario condo owners have the right to copies most documents held by the corporation. Examples: Board minutes, budgets, reserve fund studies. The details of what can be requested, costs and time limits are discussed in detail here. There is an extensive list of the types of records that the corporation must retain and the time limits for retaining those records.

As well, here is a guide to forms used to request or provide certain information.

Other changes November 1

The Condominium Authority of Ontario provides information and training about the rights and responsibilities of condominium owners and residents. On the CAO website you will find the ten most common issues relating to condominium living.

Before passing the Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015 the Government of Ontario conducted a collaborative public engagement process with condominium industry stakeholders to identify concerns. One of issues raised was the low rate of participation at meetings of condominium owners, resulting in difficulties reaching the quorum requirement and passing by-laws. Accordingly, quorum and voting requirements have been changed in some cases.

DIY in your Frobisher Place condo

If you would like info, contact me.

New documents

Please see our Links page for updated Frobisher Place Rules and the legislation that would replace the Condo Act.

New Board

Your Board for 2024-25 (expiry of current term):

  • President: Heinrich Teworte (2025)
  • Vice-President: Edward Carpentier (2025)
  • Treasurer: Jeremias Gramcko (2027)
  • Secretary: Jacquie Kummel (2026)
  • Directors:
    • Nick Mezher (2026)
    • Annie Katona (2026)
    • Roberto Lenarcic (2027

Smoke detectors: who is responsible?

A fire occurred in a high-rise condominium unit. On investigation, it was found that there was no smoke alarm anywhere in the unit, contrary to the requirements of the Fire Code. The Fire Marshall charged both the unit owner and the condominium corporation with failing to provide a smoke alarm. Read more

Who is responsible for confirming that the condo owners have smoke detectors and that they are in proper working order? I have concerns because my neighbour told me he removed the battery out of his detector after it went off too many times. Read more


Please be sure you have your own homeowners insurance. In the event of a loss your policy may need to cover damage where you have made changes to the “standard unit”. You may also be responsible for up to $5000 of the Frobisher Place corporation’s deductible.

Please refer to our insurance post for more info. Also see insurance for your unit and more info regarding insurance.

Swimming pool concerns

We encourage residents who have health concerns to contact Ottawa Public Health directly.

Air conditioners – prep for winter

Wall mounted air conditioners must be properly insulated to prevent cold air entry in winter. Please see our “how to“.

Energy Star

Energy Star appliances include fridges, freezers, air conditioners, ceiling fans, TVs and much more. Replacing older appliances with new higher efficiency Energy Star models contributes to a green planet.

Please see the Energy Star main site and Energy Star in Canada. Here’s an extensive list of qualified products available in Canada with links to much more related info.

If you’re considering replacing an older appliance with a new Energy Star model please contact me before you make a purchase. Frobisher Place may be eligible to receive an incentive grant.

Rules update

Various parts of this site’s Handbook display some of the Rules in effect in April, 2014.

Lobby Reno

The info has been moved here.

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