Did you know? Confidentiality

Boards at Frobisher Place have frequently been consumed with a perceived need to maintain confidentiality of their discussions.

Citing confidentiality is legitimate in cases of:

  1. personnel matters. Example: performance appraisals and salary adjustments for Supers
  2. transactions with outside firms where competitive advantage could be an issue. Example: bids for contract work from different companies
  3. transactions with individual owners. Example: condo fees in arrears for a particular unit
  4. circumstances where a legal opinion is needed. Example: a resident has experienced a problem that may fall within Human Rights policies and legislation

As I see it, there has been excessive reliance on confidentiality. The result is poor communication with owners who have a right to know what their Board is discussing and how it reaches its decisions. At the last Board meeting I attended there was discussion of 35 topics. In my opinion, only 6 of those could be considered confidential according to the above criteria. The other 29 were matters owners not only could but should know about.

Considering 1 and 2 above, we could narrow the need for confidentiality even further. Owners should know the fact that the Board will be discussing staff performance and salary but owners should not be privy to the outcome of those discussions. Similarly, owners should know that the Board will be discussing bids for fire system upgrades but owners should not get the details before contracts are awarded.

Lobby reno

Lobby Reno Some images that represent the current lobby (above) and what it should look like after the proposed new design (below). lobby_oldlobby_new



The Board would like to see committees with residents participating to work toward the betterment of our community. Please check this post for updates and whom to contact.


Building and Maintenance Committee (Chair: Heinrich Teworte can be contacted via the office)

The mandate of the Building and Maintenance Committee (BMC) is to act as a recommending body to the Board of Directors. Members will provide recommendations on issues relating to the safety and maintenance of the building’s common elements, guest and rental suites. Any recommended actions are to be approved by the Board of Directors.
Technical knowledge in areas such as a construction trade, engineering, plumbing, electrical, etc. is desirable but not a must.
The BMC will examine the issues pertaining to maintenance and safety as follows:

  • Perform regular inspections of the building with the Superintendant and the Property Manager
  • Identify areas of concern and suggest changes to the Reserve Fund Study as warranted
  • Develop proposals and priority lists on what should be done to keep a safe and well-maintained building
  • Recommend appropriate steps to address building operational problems

Communication Committee ( Chair: Doug Brandy )
Our committee will continue, in consultation with the Board:

  • A regular newsletter in print and online
  • This website
  • Notices to residents
  • Organizing and providing Town Halls
  • A handbook for current and prospective residents

We would like to update an interest group of directors from other Ottawa condos and consider any projects suggested by our community members.

New members are welcome to join. Please email Doug Brandy.

Governance Committee (Chair: Nadia Giancaspro )
The mandate of the Governance Committee (GC) is to act as a recommending body to the Board of Directors. Members will provide recommendations on issues related to policies, rules and regulations, and other administrative issues of the building. The development of policies and Notices and any other recommended actions are to be approved by the Board of Directors. Must have knowledge of the Condominium Act and the Rules and Regulations.
The GC will examine the issues pertaining to governance as follows:

  • The issues for which we need legal advice – Lawyer or legal firm who will represent the Corporation
  • Bylaws: updating and revision when required
  • Rules: updating and revision when required

Board administration:

  • Conduct of meetings (Robert’s Rules?)
  • Meeting notices
  • Minutes
  • Corporate records
  • Data management
  • Coordination of all committees
  • Property Manager: contract, interaction with the Board


  • AGM: format, scheduling, agenda, minutes
  • Nominations
  • Elections
  • Vacancies

Finance and Audit Committee (F.A.C.)(Chair: Nick Mezher 613-733-5142. The Chair would particularly appreciate members having an accounting/financial background to join the committee.)

Terms of Reference

1. committee function and mandate

The function of the Finance and Audit Committee (F.A.C.) shall be to work on behalf of the owners of the Corporation to ensure that its finances are managed well and financial documents and books are properly maintained.

The mandate of the F.A.C. is to supervise and audit the financial statements, documents, books and activities of the Corporation.

Audit Committee Charter:

Operating principles
Operating procedures
Specific responsibilities and duties

Operating Principles:

Conduct: To operate in compliance with By-Laws, Condo Act, and general accounting principles

2. committee membership

The F.A.C. shall consist of:

A Chairman, who shall be a Director of the Corporation;
The Treasurer, liaison between F.A.C. and management company; and
Such other members, at least two, as the Chairman and/or Board of Directors, may deem necessary to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a functioning committee.

As the other committees, the Chairman of the F.A.C. is to be appointed by the Directors for an appropriate term.


All audit committee members should be sufficiently versed in financial matters to understand the corporation accounting, practices, and policies and major judgment involved in the preparation of the financial statements

The F.A.C. shall report, through its Chairman, on a regular basis to the Board of Directors (B.O.D.) from whom it shall receive authorization and approval for its actions.

3. committee duties and responsibilities

The F.A.C. shall supervise and audit the finance of the Corporation and report to the B.O.D. on a monthly/quarterly basis. Also, the F.A.C. shall report any urgent matters to the attention of the B.O.D.

Mainly, the F.A.C. shall:

Supervise, monitor, and audit the funds, investments and expenditures of the Corporation;
Review the banking procedures and internal audit procedures;
Apply adequate financial controls to ensure that expenditures conform to budget standards;
Study the investment opportunities in order to maximize return on invested funds, and make relevant recommendation to the B.O.D.;
Explore areas and opportunities in order to minimize expenditures of the Corporation, and make relevant recommendation to the B.O.D.;
Oversee and approve the contracts to the best tender issued by the Property Manager before submitting it to the B.O.D. for final approval;
Analyze, in conjunction with the Building Committee, the Reserve Fund Study Report and develop programs of funding and expenditures to complete major repairs while maintaining adequate reserves, and make relevant recommendation to the B.O.D.;
Oversee and approve the Status Certificates and Reserve Funding Notices to owners, issued by the Property Manager from time to time, before submitting it to the B.O.D. for final approve;
Compliance with laws and regulations:
Review regular reports from management and others with respect to the corporation’s compliance with laws and regulations having a material impact on the financial statements;
Review report from other committees having a potential financial impact on the corporation.


Design & Decoration Committee (Chair Mostafa El-defrawy, Ph: 613-521-9777)


  • Heinrich Teworte
  • Carol Sabourin
  • Mrs. R. Vilas
  • Mr. G. Labonte
  • Mrs. A. Haddad


(a) Monitor condition of the common elements that include, lobby, walls, hallways, carpets, part room, library and elevator carriages and advise the Board of items that need repairs.

(b) Establish priorities for maintenance and repairs of these items. Ensure matching of color schemes for work to be performed at present and in the future.

(c) Obtain quotes (3 quotes for expenditure over $1000), recommend a selected quote to the Board, and supervise the work to be performed.

(d) Ensure cleanliness of the building from outside and arrange for annual window and balcony doors cleaning (at least 2 quotes required).

(e) Ensure color uniformity of all common elements as the building is viewed from the outside.

Swimming Pool Committee (Chair Mostafa El-defrawy, Ph: 613-521-9777)


  • Mrs. A Henry
  • Ms. H. Schofield


(a) Maintain contact with the similar committee at the Minto Building next door, which is composed of their building manager and Minto regional manager. These four members, two from Frobisher Place and two from Minto, form the ‘Joint Committee’ that monitors the operation of the pool.

(b) Monitor the cleanliness of the swimming pool area and its adjoining facilities and bring any issues of concern to the attention of our Property Manager and the Manager at the Minto building.

(c) Join the committee at the Minto building in examining all expenditures for maintenance and/or operation of the facilities which would exceed five hundred dollars ($ 500.00). These must be authorized by the Joint Committee. All other expenditures, including capital expenditures are authorized only by Minto Management.

(d) Monitor financial statements, prepared by Minto, showing how budget is being spent for maintenance of the swimming pool and tennis court.

(e) Maintain contact with the Board, through the President and Property Manager, and keep them apprised of all issues that come up.

AGM report

My unofficial summary of last night’s meeting:

We approved the auditor’s report and agreed to retain the same auditor for next year.

Elected to the Board as Director for 3 years representing resident owners: Nick Mezher

Elected to the Board as Directors: Heinrich Teworte and Nadia Giancaspro. Nadia volunteered to accept a one year term. Heinrich will serve a 3 year term.

The assembly expressed its appreciation for Mostafa’s work as President for the year.

There will be future town halls to discuss windows, insurance and preparing air conditioners for winter.

– Doug Brandy, Director

Annual General Meeting

The 2013 Frobisher Place AGM will take place on Tuesday, June 11 at the Lycée Claudel. We intend to register owners and proxies from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. and hold the meeting in the auditorium from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Notice of the meeting, the agenda and info on election of Directors has been circulated within Frobisher Place.

Approved by the Board, CCC #82

Home support

The South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre (SEOCHC) presented a workshop re home support for seniors and disabled adults on Tuesday, March 26. Fifteen Frobisher Place residents attended.

SEOCHC’s services include:

  • cleaning and maintenance in your home
  • personal care and companionship
  • friendly visits
  • primary care outreach
  • drives to appointments and shopping
  • bereavement support
  • caregiver support
  • managing chronic illness
  • referral to doctors for those who don’t have a family doctor
  • nutrition support

The list above shows some of what’s available. For more info: 613-737-5115

Approved by the Board, CCC #82

Fire alarms

There was a false alarm around 1 a.m. this morning, March 7. Fortunately there was no actual fire but residents should treat all alarms seriously. The proper procedure is to evacuate the building promptly by way of the stairs.

Let’s do our part to keep our community safe.