Bylaw discussion

On November 27, 2012 a good turnout of owners met in a town hall to discuss the proposed operating By-law no. 11. It would replace By-law no. 3 that has been in effect since June, 1985.

The Governance Committee had put considerable time and effort into revising the new bylaw. The Committee tried to reflect all concerns that were brought forward. Nevertheless, it became evident at the town hall that many owners still had reservations about the new document. Representatives of the Governance Committee took note of those newly expressed concerns.

Reference was made to previous legal opinion that pointed to discrepancies between the existing By-law no. 3 and Ontario’s Condominium Act but that opinion was not available at the town hall.

We eventually decided it would be best to table further consideration of the bylaw. The Board will instead concentrate on more pressing and immediate issues.