Frobisher Place Town Hall Sunday, March 22, highlights

Fire system upgrade: Our fire warning system is out of date and will require upgrades. The Board is working on details of what, when and at what cost. You may expect a meeting of owners on this subject.

Elections at 2015 AGM: There will be elections for Directors – two for three year terms and one for a two year term.

Reserve Fund Study (RFS): We have commissioned a new RFS by another engineering firm. The outcome will help determine when we can schedule various projects.

Elevator maintenance: We have a new contract in place as of March 1, 2015

Lobby renovation: The RFS we will show whether a full-scale reno will be possible soon. Alternatively, we will consider some more modest, temporary changes.

Exercise rooms: We are considering changing the layout and purposes of the gym, billiards room and table tennis room.

Routine maintenance: The property manager will be encouraged to schedule minor painting and cleaning by the staff.

Automatic doors: We have approved installation of powered doors at all corridor entrances to P2 and P1.

Insurance: Please see below.

If you have comments you may email them to Doug Brandy


Please be sure you have your own homeowners insurance. In the event of a loss your policy may need to cover damage where you have made changes to the “standard unit”. You may also be responsible for up to $5000 of the condo corporation’s deductible.

Please refer to our insurance post for more info. Also see insurance for your unit and more info regarding insurance.