Did you know? How is a Board vacancy filled?

If a Director leaves, the Board may fill the vacancy by appointment, provided that a quorum of at least four Directors remains. Note, the Board may fill the vacancy but is not required to do so. In recent years the Board has advertised to give those interested an opportunity to apply but, again, that’s not required. The Board could simply appoint whomever it chooses or leave the vacancy unfilled.

If a new Director is appointed he or she serves the remainder of the term of the Director who left. For example, if the Board decides to fill my position, that newly appointed Director will serve until the 2017 AGM. To continue on the Board he or she would have to run for election.

For more info, see the Condo Act, Article 34.

There is more concerning removal and replacement of Directors that will be covered in a later Did you know.

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