Did you know? Meetings of owners

While there’s nothing in the Act to prevent owners from meeting informally, these notes apply to meetings where owners approve motions by voting. Other than routine procedure, votes can only be taken on matters disclosed in advance. You will find detail in Articles 45-47 of the Condo Act.

Annual General Meeting

The Board must schedule an AGM within 6 months after the end of the fiscal year. In our case, that means before the end of June. In addition to items on the AGM’s published agenda, any owner may raise any matter relevant to the corporation’s business.

Other meetings called by the Board

The Board may call other meetings on 15 days notice, describing the business to be discussed.

Requisitioned meetings

Owners may insist on a meeting by following these procedures:

  • provide the Board with written notice
  • state the business to be discussed
  • signed by at least 15% of owners

If the Board receives a proper requisition it must call a meeting within 35 days but it’s preferable that the Board arrange meetings voluntarily. I have found the Board tends to get defensive when faced with a requisition.

Special meetings

Meetings for election or removal of Directors or approval of rules or bylaws will be covered in future DYK.

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