Did you know? New bylaws

It’s likely the Board will soon propose new or revised bylaws.

A new or revised bylaw must meet two conditions:

  1. It must respect Ontario condo legislation. You will find links to this legislation here.
  2. It must be approved by a majority of owners. In our case that means at least 104 owners must vote in favour.

Aside from the required conditions, owners should make sure we’re satisfied that a bylaw:

  1. Is it necessary? Does the bylaw address a need? Is it an improvement over what we have had up to now?
  2. Is it sufficient? Does the bylaw deal with all circumstances that could arise?
  3. Is it desirable? Does it improve our lives and property value?
  4. Can it be enforced? If there are violations who deals with them and how?

It’s important to remember that any new bylaws will be with us for a long time. We would be approving measures that will govern Frobisher Place now and for many years to come.

Post Revisions: