Waste disposal

We are trying to help Frobisher Place residents disposing of waste items and materials. We appreciate your cooperation, as following this guide will reduce unnecessary work for the staff and improve the environment for everyone.

Household garbage:

1. Small bags

Drop small, sealed bags into the garbage chutes located on each floor. Please avoid including material listed in one of the special categories below.

2. Larger garbage bags

Bring bags that are too large for the chutes to the garbage room near the delivery entrance on the lobby level. The door is FOB activated. There are large bins that are emptied every week and sent to the landfill (euphemistic term for “dump”).

Special items:

3. Large bulky items such as used furniture and appliances

The City will pick up such items at the curb. If you need help please contact the staff.

4. Paper, cardboard

There are large yellow bins on P1 and P2 for this recyclable material. Posters listing acceptable paper products are on or near the bins. Please also refer to the website at the end of this guide.

5. Shredded paper

Please put your shredded paper into a paper bag then drop it into a special, marked bin on P1. Shredded paper should not go into the large yellow bins because it tends to blow around in a flurry on collection day.

6. Books

Finished reading? Instead of throwing your book away please donate it to our library on P2.

7. Small appliances

If your old toaster oven, coffee maker or microwave is still usable please consider the recycle room on P2.

8. Refundable containers

Beer cans & bottles, liquor bottles, wine bottles and bags are refundable. Please bring them to the recycle room on P2. From there, volunteers will take them periodically to the Beer Store. The money is collected to use in building improvements.

9. Metal

If an empty can is not refundable or you have other small waste metal please place it in the blue bins on P1 or P2. It’s advisable to rinse out cans first. Posters listing acceptable metal products are on or near the bins. Please also refer to the website at the end of this guide. Avoid plastic bags in all bins. Plastic bags may cause the entire bin to be diverted to the landfill.

10. Glass

If your empty bottles are not refundable please place them in the blue bins on P1 or P2. It’s advisable to rinse out bottles first. Posters listing acceptable glass products are on or near the bins. Please also refer to the website at the end of this guide. Do not put plastic bags in any bins. Plastic bags and anything in them will be separated and diverted to the landfill.

11. Plastic

Please place used plastic items in the blue bins on P1 or P2. Posters listing acceptable plastic are on or near the bins. Please also refer to the website at the end of this guide. Do not put a bag full of plastic items into a bin; empty the bag into the bin instead.

12. Styrofoam

In the regular garbage.

13. Plastic bags

In the regular garbage.

14. Organic waste, including cat litter

We have made arrangements for disposal of biodegradable material. The City will be insisting on proper disposal of it in future. We issue small, plastic in-unit compost buckets that you empty into a large green bin located in the garbage room on the lobby level. Please contact the office, if you need a bucket or more info.

15. Fat, grease, oil from cooking

Liquids should be stored in a paper cup in your freezer and transferred to your in-unit compost container when it’s time to empty it. Please do not rinse greasy material down the sink. It clogs up the drains.

16. Dog waste

After you have picked up in the yard after your dog, please place your bag in the bin near the herb garden.

17. Cell phones

They can be dropped of at a “Take it Back Partner” such as The Source in Billings Bridge. As well: Bell World, Billings Bridge Mall; Value Village 1824 Bank Street

18. Other electronics

Old TVs, computer equipment and so on should go to a proper depot, such as The Salvation Army, Alta Vista near Bank St. Materials within electronic equipment can be salvaged and reused. Please also refer to the Take it Back Partner website mentioned under Cell Phones. A partial list:

Habitat Restore Ottawa East, 2370 Walkley Rd., Best Buy, 380 Coventry Road and 2210 Bank Street (South Keys), All Staples Stores

19. Hazardous material

You should take used batteries, CFL light bulbs, paint and chemicals to accepting depots. You may locate these depots through the City Of Ottawa website. Here is a partial list:

Batteries: Ottawa Library branches, Best Buy, Ikea, Lowe’s, Rona, Staples, Mountain Equipment Coop, Home Depot, The Source, DeWalt on Gladwin Cres,  Christie and Water at 570 Industrial

CFL bulbs: Rona, Lowe’s Kanata, Ikea, City of Ottawa Special Waste Depots

20. Prescription drugs

Unused drugs should not go into regular garbage. Neither should you flush them down the toilet. Please check with your pharmacy where they should be accepted for proper disposal. Note: you should always finish taking antibiotics according to your doctor’s instructions. Don’t stop because you seem to be feeling better.

For more info see the City of Ottawa website.

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