Did you know? Officers

Officers, such as President, Treasurer, Secretary are described in Article 36 of the Condo Act and Article VII of our Bylaw 3. Positions can be combined. For example, we could have a Secretary-Treasurer or a Vice-President/Secretary.

Officers are not elected directly by owners. Instead, owners elect directors who then choose which of them will occupy the officer positions.

The Act does not specify the officers’ duties. Rather, it requires them to “. . . act honestly and in good faith; and exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances”.

For a summary of officers’ duties we turn to our Bylaw 3:


Duties of Officers
Officer Duties
President Preside at all meetings; generally supervise condo business
Vice-President Any duties the board prescribes
Secretary Give out notices; keep a record of minutes; act as custodian of records
Treasurer Keep account books; control the deposit of money; safeguard funds