Alta Vista Hospital Link

The City of Ottawa is starting construction work on the Alta Vista Hospital Link that will provide a link between Riverside Drive and the Transitway to the Hospital Ring Road.

This link is needed to improve transit service and support ongoing hospital and local development.

Please see this summary of the May 20, 2015 update from the City of Ottawa:

One lane of Riverside Drive will be closed in both directions from Smyth Road to Hinks Lane:

10 p.m. Friday, May 22 to 5 a.m. Monday, May 25 and

10 p.m. Friday, May 29 to 5 a.m. Monday, June 1

One lane of traffic will always be open and you may continue to access Old Riverside Drive, including 1785 Riverside, via Frobisher Lane.

See notice from City of Ottawa. Be aware of date error – Monday is May 25

If you have problems, call 311. Our condo is in David Chernushenko’s ward.

Smoke detectors: who is responsible?

A fire occurred in a high-rise condominium unit. On investigation, it was found that there was no smoke alarm anywhere in the unit, contrary to the requirements of the Fire Code. The Fire Marshall charged both the unit owner and the condominium corporation with failing to provide a smoke alarm. Read more

Who is responsible for confirming that the condo owners have smoke detectors and that they are in proper working order? I have concerns because my neighbour told me he removed the battery out of his detector after it went off too many times. Read more


April 13, 2015 Board meeting, highlights

Energy: We are looking at incentives from Ottawa Hydro for lighting upgrades. We will be analysing gas consumption following changes recommended by our gas supplier.
Security: We are considering options for our FOB system.

Locker and parking signs: These will be improved.

Laundry room walls and ceiling: Repair work will be contracted out where needed on certain floors.

Fitness equipment: We plan to purchase additional free weights and replace an exercise bike.

Fire system inspection: This will be scheduled in the coming months after bidding for the work is concluded.

Fire system meeting: The Board has received a requisition from several owners. The meeting will be 7:00 p.m. (6:30 registration) on May 5 at the RA Centre in the Canada Room near the main entrance. The consultants who have been advising us will attend.

Human rights policy: Directors were reminded of our policy.

Gardening/landscaping: The Board is considering proposals for the grounds and for the trees in the dog run.

Elevator emergencies: Only certified elevator technicians are authorized to assist in the event of a malfunction.

If you have questions/comments regarding the Board you may contact Doug Brandy.


Frobisher Place Town Hall Sunday, March 22, highlights

Fire system upgrade: Our fire warning system is out of date and will require upgrades. The Board is working on details of what, when and at what cost. You may expect a meeting of owners on this subject.

Elections at 2015 AGM: There will be elections for Directors – two for three year terms and one for a two year term.

Reserve Fund Study (RFS): We have commissioned a new RFS by another engineering firm. The outcome will help determine when we can schedule various projects.

Elevator maintenance: We have a new contract in place as of March 1, 2015

Lobby renovation: The RFS we will show whether a full-scale reno will be possible soon. Alternatively, we will consider some more modest, temporary changes.

Exercise rooms: We are considering changing the layout and purposes of the gym, billiards room and table tennis room.

Routine maintenance: The property manager will be encouraged to schedule minor painting and cleaning by the staff.

Automatic doors: We have approved installation of powered doors at all corridor entrances to P2 and P1.

Insurance: Please see below.

If you have comments you may email them to Doug Brandy


Please be sure you have your own homeowners insurance. In the event of a loss your policy may need to cover damage where you have made changes to the “standard unit”. You may also be responsible for up to $5000 of the condo corporation’s deductible.

Please refer to our insurance post for more info. Also see insurance for your unit and more info regarding insurance.

Swimming pool concerns

We encourage residents who have health concerns to contact Ottawa Public Health directly. There is also a handout that was recently mailed to owners. If you did not get a copy you may request one from me.

Board vacancy

Mohammad Ashoori resigned from the Frobisher Place Board. We thank Mohammad for his contributions to the Board and to our community.

The Board has appointed Dominic Roszak to replace Mohammad until the 2015 AGM.

Air conditioners – prep for winter

Wall mounted air conditioners must be properly insulated to prevent cold air entry in winter. Please see our “how to“.

Energy Star

Energy Star appliances include fridges, freezers, air conditioners, ceiling fans, TVs and much more. Replacing older appliances with new higher efficiency Energy Star models contributes to a green planet.

Please see the Energy Star main site and Energy Star in Canada. Here’s an extensive list of qualified products available in Canada with links to much more related info.

If you’re considering replacing an older appliance with a new Energy Star model please contact me before you make a purchase. Frobisher Place may be eligible to receive an incentive grant.

Exhaust fans

All units have fans installed in their bathroom ceilings. The fans vent air to the outdoor balcony. A properly working exhaust fan supports heat savings in winter as windows can remain closed. Such a fan also supports a reduction of in-unit relative humidity and condensation on windows. You should run your fan each time you have a shower.

As they age, many of these fans become quite loud as they wear and some eventually stop working altogether. Typically the electric motor wears out and fails so replacements are required.

Most stores sell only complete bathroom fans, i.e. the covering grille, the internals and the external housing.

While it is possible to replace the complete outer housing, all internals and the cover grill, this is a complex job. The original bathroom fans in our building were installed such that their metal outer housing is literally cast in concrete. Removal is quite difficult and often requires subsequent repairs to the surrounding ceiling.

Most economical and simple is to limit replacement to the fan motor and the fan blade. All other parts are cleaned and stay in place.

While many suppliers cannot find a suitable cross-reference to modern fans, our Superintendents have sourced a complete off-the-shelf fan assembly that can be purchased in many stores. The motor and fan blade of this assembly can quite easily be installed mechanically in the original fan box in the ceiling. The electrical connection is by means of a plug within the fan box. No electrician is required.

The NuTone basic fan, model 696NC, is currently available and has the fitting internals. It is fairly straightforward to remove the motor and fan blade from the new 696NC unit and install them in the existing, original bathroom fan housing as replacements. The rest of the 696NC unit would be scrap. The complete material cost is about $27.00 + tax.
Bathroom fan maintenance or replacement are the responsibility of the unit owner. The Superintendents can be contacted to assess if the 696NC motor and fan blade will fit the fan installed in your unit.

If you need a contractor to help you please contact me.

Deactivating FOBs

All owners and residents, please note.

As of September 1, 2014 we began deactivating all FOBs that have not been used for 6 months. If you need a new fob or reprogramming of your current FOB please see Cheryl in the office.

New Board

Your Board for 2014-15:

President: Heinrich Teworte

Vice-President: Doug Brandy

Secretary: Chris Bulman

Treasurer: Nicolas Mezher

Directors: Annie Katona, Christopher Morris, Dominic Roszak

Rules update

We have mailed out revisions to our Rules. Various parts of this site’s Handbook display some of the Rules in effect in April, 2014.

Lobby Reno

The info has been moved here.

Doug Brandy, Chair Communication Committee Click for the BBB Business Review of this Condominiums in Ottawa ON