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This website is produced by and for residents of Frobisher Place. This is not an official website of CCC #82. If you have comments, complaints or have noticed inaccuracies on any of these pages or posts please contact me.

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Financial documents
You may request the following in PDF. Please be sure to identify yourself as a Frobisher Place owner with your unit number:

  • 2017 budget, including schedule of condo fees by unit
  • Most recent reserve fund study
  • Reserve fund spreadsheet

Did you know?
Featuring info Frobisher Place owners and residents should know, these educational notes will appear as posts from time to time.

Info sessions
For one hour before each Frobisher Place Board meeting I was meeting with interested residents in the Perrier Room to update you on current developments and discuss your concerns. Other Directors sometimes joined us.

At its May16, 2016 meeting the Board discussed replacing these session with meetings that more Directors would attend. The first of these was held May 30. See August 16 post for a schedule.- Doug Brandy

DIY in your Frobisher Place condo

If you would like info, contact me.

New documents

Please see our Links page for updated Frobisher Place Rules and the legislation that would replace the Condo Act.

AGM minutes

Draft minutes of the June 29, 2016 minutes are available to Frobisher Place owners on request.

New Board

Your Board for 2016-17 (expiry of current term):

  • President: Heinrich Teworte (2019)
  • VP: Don Banks (2019)
  • Treasurer: Jeremias Gramcko (2018)
  • Secretary: Jeff Montroy 2017)
  • Director: Chris Bulman (2017)

Meeting dates:

Monday, March 20, 2017
Monday, April 17, 2017
Monday, May 15, 2017
Monday, June 19, 2017

 Via Rail maintenance

Via Rail will be carrying out maintenance along sections of its track near our building. Details here. Please note this is in addition to the Hospital Link work noted below. Please also refer to info about night work.

Alta Vista Hospital Link – what to expect

The City of Ottawa is doing construction work on the Alta Vista Hospital Link that will provide a link between Riverside Drive and the Transitway to the Hospital Ring Road. This link is needed to improve transit service and support ongoing hospital and local development.

Measures taken to minimize airborne dust and dirt: Airborne particles can’t be entirely eliminated but the contractor will use water spraying to minimize the resulting disturbance.

Could our property or trees be damaged? Most of the rail detour work will occur on the far side of the current Via line, away from our building but some ditching may be needed as the rail line is regraded. Little or no impact on our trees is expected.

If Frobisher Place residents have concerns or experience problems they should contact me.

See also info as of August, 2016.

Smoke detectors: who is responsible?

A fire occurred in a high-rise condominium unit. On investigation, it was found that there was no smoke alarm anywhere in the unit, contrary to the requirements of the Fire Code. The Fire Marshall charged both the unit owner and the condominium corporation with failing to provide a smoke alarm. Read more

Who is responsible for confirming that the condo owners have smoke detectors and that they are in proper working order? I have concerns because my neighbour told me he removed the battery out of his detector after it went off too many times. Read more


Please be sure you have your own homeowners insurance. In the event of a loss your policy may need to cover damage where you have made changes to the “standard unit”. You may also be responsible for up to $5000 of the Frobisher Place corporation’s deductible.

Please refer to our insurance post for more info. Also see insurance for your unit and more info regarding insurance.

Swimming pool concerns

We encourage residents who have health concerns to contact Ottawa Public Health directly.

Air conditioners – prep for winter

Wall mounted air conditioners must be properly insulated to prevent cold air entry in winter. Please see our “how to“.

Energy Star

Energy Star appliances include fridges, freezers, air conditioners, ceiling fans, TVs and much more. Replacing older appliances with new higher efficiency Energy Star models contributes to a green planet.

Please see the Energy Star main site and Energy Star in Canada. Here’s an extensive list of qualified products available in Canada with links to much more related info.

If you’re considering replacing an older appliance with a new Energy Star model please contact me before you make a purchase. Frobisher Place may be eligible to receive an incentive grant.

Rules update

We have mailed out revisions to our Frobisher Place Rules. Various parts of this site’s Handbook display some of the Rules in effect in April, 2014.

Lobby Reno

The info has been moved here.

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